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South Jordan Skatepark with Zach

South Jordan skatepark

South Jordan skatepark

A visit to the South Jordan Skate Park with Zach Eulberg; we did some filming using the GoPro camera.  I am glad to see that cities are now embracing skateboarding by putting in places like this skatepark, giving kids more options at public parks than jungle gyms or slides. Twenty some years ago a skatepark like this was only a pipe dream for young kids like me.  I grew up in southern California…more specifically, the Orange County area.  We rode our skateboards miles, to get to a cool waxed up curb we had heard was a fun spot, usually only to be chased off not long after we had gotten there.  Now with places like the South Jordan skatepark and other parks all across the country, kids who love skateboarding have places like this to build their skills and get good exercise as a bonus.  Getting kids to enjoy being outside playing and skating like Zach in this video is much preferable to the trend of far too many young people…that of enjoying hours on end of sitting, playing video games.   I would promote a better option of going out and having fun by making their own “video” by doing something active.   One of the great features of the skatepark is that they have a special time for kids under 12 years of age to use the skatepark with their family without having to worry about the bigger guys zooming around them.  Skateboards, inline skates, and scooters are all welcome at the park.  I was a little bummed to see that they don’t allow bikes; I have seen many skateparks function just fine having bikes and skateboarders together.  There were a few guys on bikes when we were there, so  it’s obviously not monitored and enforced 100% of the time.  As long as those few bikes ride carefully, keeping everyone safe and having a good time, there doesn’t seem to be a problem.  Last, I want to give a big thanks to the city of South Jordan for providing the South Jordan Skate Park, for kids and adults alike, to get out and have a good time in a place where it’s FINALLY acceptable to skate!

Family time for the South Jordan skatepark is Wednesdays & Fridays
10:30 a.m. – 11:30 a.m.
ONLY open to children under 12 and their parents

The South Jordan skatepark location is 10866 South Redwood Road (Behind Fitness Center) in South Jordan, Utah

Leave a comment bellow on what you think about public skateparks and why you like or dislike them.



DSLR Camera Not My Go To Camera

Is the DSLR camera still a good choice for an every day adventure, get the good shot camera?  I just recently came to the realization that my DSLR camera was of little use to me anymore.  I have always enjoyed using DSLR cameras and liked the results I got while using them.  The question, “Is a DSLR camera still necessary?” is a tough one to answer.  Yes, the DSLR camera offers the most in adjustability and range of options, but when faced with the decision of lugging around a slightly better camera, or having the freedom and ease of a pocket-sized camera, I favor the simplicity of the smaller camera, despite the loss of options.  Now, I am no professional photographer,  just a guy who likes to take great pictures and video, so this works well for my needs.  My cameras of choice are the GoPro Hero 3 Black and my phone, which is currently the iPhone 5S.  With these two amazing devices, I enjoy a good variety of options in small compact packages. Each of these cameras is easily carried and can be used by anyone in the family.

Grey tabby cat

Toph the cat


Sledding fun

Sledding Fun

All three of shots are from a GoPro Hero3 Black camera.  One of the good and bad parts of the GoPro is that they shoot at extremely wide angles which can give a little more field of view distortion than desired. Sometimes it makes for great shoots like this close-up of Toph the cat. There are great apps to adjust for the distortion in post process of your pictures.


Now, do I think cameras on phones should be the only way you take pictures?…no.  Phones these days, especially the iPhone, take pretty good pictures but they are also limited in what they can do.  They lack the ability to zoom, which at times, can be a huge loss.  Phones use a digital zoom technology which is getting better, but is far from perfected.  As for the GoPro, it has no zoom at all, although I expect this to change in the near future. The zoom is probably the one feature that the DSLR camera still has over these smaller cameras but you can capture a wide variety of great shots without using a zoom.  Some other cameras that are taking the place of DSLR cameras in many photographer’s camera-of-choice are 3rd generation cameras like Sony NEX.  These cameras are also referred to as mirror-less cameras.  Trey Ratcliff of StuckinCustoms.com, a wonderful photographer and adventurer of whom I admire, has a great post on these new camera options.

feeble grind

South Jordan skate park feeble grind

What are your thoughts on the DSLR camera and it’s future?  What do you think of the smaller camera option?  Let me know how you feel with a comment below.


Moab Utah Action 4Wheeling in Toyota Trucks

Every year some of my friends and I go to test our 4Wheeling skills in Moab, Utah.  The Moab red rocks are a must-visit place for anyone who enjoys the outdoors–even if you are not into 4Wheeling.  There are all kinds of activities in and around the Moab area from hiking, rock climbing, and rafting down the Colorado river that runs through Moab, UT, just to name a few.  There are camping areas right on the river that make for a great place for the whole family to stay in Moab.  For more info on activities in the Moab area, check out this site: DiscoverMoab.com.  Also, there is not one but two amazing national parks just minutes outside of the Moab area.  Arches National Park, which has some of the worlds biggest and highest concentration of natural arch rock formations, is only 10 minutes outside of Moab.  Canyon Lands National Park has numerous canyons, mesas, and buttes by the Colorado River, and the Green River is just 40 minutes away.  Moab may very well be the 4Wheeling capital of North America; there is a large event every year called Easter Jeep Safari that attracts thousands of people from all over the world.  From major car manufactures, to 4×4 accessory manufacturers, you’ll find them all attending the Easter Jeep Safari event.  For more information on the Easter Jeep Safari, check out the Red Rock 4Wheeler’s site: rr4w.com

Metal Masher Moab, UT

Taking a rest at the top of Metal Masher trail.

Here is a video I made of just some of the 4Wheeling we did in Moab in April of 2013.

YouTube Preview Image

I decided to make this post in anticipation of our upcoming trip back to Moab, this place is a lot of fun and great place to visit any time of year.

Toyota 4Runner 1st gen

Conquering Metal Masher trail

Moab, UT FJ40 Toyota

On the trail



Baby Robins Nest Evolution

Baby robins recently hatched with care from a robin bird that decided one of the trees in our backyard was a good place to make her nest and give birth to baby robins. I  took pictures along the way documenting the different stages from eggs to full grown baby robins.  The nest was only about five feet off the ground making it easy to take pictures although mama bird was none to happy with me every time I went out to snap a photo of them. She would usually fly up higher in the tree and squawk at me until I left.  I was glad to see she did this showing me what being a good parent to baby robins is about.  I made sure never to touch the nest or anything at all around the nest being afraid she would abandon the eggs if she were to smell any human smells on her eggs.

robin bird eggs

There were a total of three baby robins eggs although for some reason I found one on the ground near the tree shortly after taking this first pick. I never got a shot with all three eggs in the nest but I was careful to use a glove when placing that stray egg back in the nest for care from it’s mom.

robin babies in nest


The baby robins decide to hatch the third is still not out yet.  I was a little worried that there was a reason that that third egg was on the ground but it to hatched a day or so later.  This was the point mamma bird was very upset at my approaching the nest to take pictures of her baby robins.  I also had noticed mama robin would fly at our as they dogs wandered around in the backyard.  The dogs not knowing there was a baby robins nest even in the backyard but she was taking no chances, it was a funny site to see.

newborn baby robin birds

Baby robins nest with three newborn baby robins.

baby robin birds


baby robins

At this point as I would approach the baby robins they would even think I was delivering food to them and start opening their mouthes want me to drop in worms or something yummy.

baby robin birds

Just before they had started to leave the nest and learn to fly they barly all fit in the nest it was bursting at the seems. It’s time to leave guys go on and be adults now. Good luck out there!

For more info on baby robins visit here


Overlake Golf Course

Overlake golf courseOverlake Golf Course is a great links style Course in Tooele, Utah. Here are a few pictures taken in panoramic mode with an iPhone 4s while playing a round at Overlake. The course is very fun and challenging to play, well that is if you keep your ball in the fairway. If you are wild off the tee bring plenty of extra balls as the tall wispy grass seems to eat golf balls. We also ran across two snakes during our round I think they are just garter snakes but I did let them bite me just in case. I definitely plan to play there again as it was a fantastic links test. If you would like more info on the course here is a link to their site OverlakeGolf

Overlake golf course




Fiberglass Mold Time Lapse

This time lapse video was made to document the process of a fiberglass mold layup.  Time Lapse made with a GoPro HERO3 Black camera 12MP photos set at 30 second intervals. This project was shot over 4 1/2 half days and is comprised of over 4,300 individual photos.


FJ40 Land Cruiser A Classic 4×4

Toyota Land Cruiser grill

The classic look of Toyota’s FJ40 Land Cruiser is the front grill.


1959 FJ25 Land Cruiser

1959 FJ25 Land Cruiser dash1959 Toyota FJ25 LandCruiser front grill

This rare unrestored 1959 FJ25 Toyota Land Cruiser that is part of an amazing collection out at The Land Cruiser Heritage Museum located on the site of Miller Motorsports Park in Tooele, Utah. I didn’t any good shots of the entire truck but it is an amazing work of art with beautiful patina as seen on the grill shot above. For anyone who loves Toyota 4×4 or land cruisers the museum is a must visit. I am not sure when it is open but it can be viewed by attending the annuel Cruiser Fest show. Visit CruiserFest.com for more info


Metal Sunflower

metal sunflower

Photo taken with iPhone 4s


Splash Mountain Disneyland

Every time I go to a Disney theme park I realize how much time and care that they put into making attractions so real and life like. Here is a photo of Splash Mountain one of their larger rides (note don’t ride in the front seat unless you really want to find out why it is called “Splash” Mountain) the detail of the mountain and the landscaping around it is incredible.

Splash Mountain DisneyLand