Mike J. Adams GoPro reviewsXoomi GoPro Reviews, tips & DIY for the avid GoPro user focusing on getting the most out of GoPro cameras through how to videos and product reviews. This site is aimed at helping GoPro owners get the most of these amazing little cameras.  From beginner or first time user to the experienced GoPro cameras have changed the way we can capture video and photo’s of everything from action sports to family vacations.

GoPro Reviews

My name is Mike J. Adams I live in Salt Lake City, Utah and have been using GoPro cameras for over 4 years.  On this site I share my passion and experience using GoPro cameras.  I don’t claim to know everything about GoPro cameras I just enjoy using them a lot and like to share what I have learned over the years.  I enjoy sharing reviews on everything from cameras to all sorts of accessories from mounting, batteries, and charging. Tips on camera features like photo, night mode, time lapse and much more. If you ever have any questions or comments contact me through the contact page and I will try and help you out the best I can.




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