Best First GoPro Accessories To Buy

First GoPro Accessories

Best first GoPro accessories to get for the new GoPro user.  Top picks for everyone from the active Skiing, kayaking GoPro user to the family video camera. You have just purchased or got a new GoPro as a gift, what is the first GoPro accessories you will need?  After owning more than eight GoPro cameras and being an avid user for more than 5 years now I wanted to share my picks for some of the best first GoPro accessories to get.  These can vary for different people mainly from the point that GoPro cameras can be used in many different ways.  Some users are active in everything from skateboarding, wake boarding, kayaking and some users will be more into taking time-lapse or just capturing life’s moments at family outings with their family’s GoPro camera. Here are some simple but must have first GoPro accessories to get after you have your new GoPro.

First GoPro accessories to get

Spare Batteries

GoPro cameras now shoot 4k video this is amazing for a video camera in the $400-$500 price range.  The down side is power consumption, although the camera has gotten really small battery technology is not getting smaller.

Smatree GoPro Hero4 battery kit

Smatree Hero4 Battery Kit

Battery power in the Hero4 camera series is not the best with average shooting times at less than 2 hours.  The good news is that since the cameras launch there have been several good battery companies filling this void.  Wasabi, Smatree are probably the top two making excellent aftermarket batteries for GoPro cameras. Having extra batteries is priority one after purchasing a new camera.  You can get two batteries from either of the companies mentioned above for less than $15.00.

Memory card

Best Hero4 memory cards

Lexar 633x & Sandisk Extreme PLUS


Having the correct memory card with GoPro cameras is key to your GoPro working properly.  This is especially important in all Hero4 series camera’s you will need a class 10 UHS-1 up to 64GB.  The two that I have had zero problems with ever are the Sandisk Extreme PLUS and Lexar 633x micro SD memory cards (both pictured).

Extension pole or hand grip

GoScope Boost GoPro pole

GoScope Boost extension pole

If you have purchased a GoPro you have probably seen people using extension poles or “GoPole” or “selfie stick” what ever you want to call it doesn’t matter.  They are really handy for getting full body shoots doing any number of activities.  The reason I titled this section “extension pole or hand grip” is some people may not want a big pole having just a simple hand grip for your GoPro is just perfect for getting the shot.  Making your own extension pole is one of the most popular DIY GoPro accessories that GoPro users around the world make. If you don’t mind spending a couple bucks the GoScope Boost is one of the best GoPro extension poles i’ve tried.  The GoPro brand 3-Way is also a great purchase in that it is a three different accessories in one.

Tripod mount

GoPro tripod mounts

GoPro tripod mounts

These are a cheap and easy GoPro accessory to get at less than $10.  They allow you to attach your GoPro camera to any tripod or any other accessories that have a 1/4-20 screw mount.

Camera bag or case

You just spent a chunk of change on an amazing new GoPro camera taking good care of it and your accessories is a good idea.  This one there are many possibility’s out there for this one depending on how big you are planning your GoPro gear collection getting.  To start you can even use things you already have.  You don’t have to have a GoPro specific case, there are all kinds of different camera cases that work just fine.  Anything soft works, just take good care of your GoPro equipment any it will last for years.  Now go out and capture some amazing shoots!

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