Best GoPro File Transfer Accessory for Traveling

GoPro file transfer

Are you in the need of an easy way to get your GoPro files off your memory cards (GoPro file transfer). Lets say you are going on an amazing family vacation in Hawaii how many memory cards do you need to take for your GoPro?  I’d say maybe two at most.  I recently was on a trip to Moab, Utah here is a video I made from that trip.  I had taken my laptop in the past this year I thought I had enough memory cards (over 300 gigs worth) no I didn’t.  I ended up deleting some of the footage, some was footage I know was unusable, but some may have been.  I went on a search for solving this problem for future trips and found the Kingston 5 in 1 mobile companion.

GoPro file transfer with Kingston Mobile Companion

The Kingston mobile companion is a wireless hotspot, media streaming little wonder and best of all a GoPro file transfer accessory.  At only $30 from Amazon it’s a great investment.  What it it does is allow you to insert your micro SD and SD cards from your GoPro and transfer files to other SD cards, zip drive, memory stick, or portable hard drives while in the field or on vacation.  It has it’s own battery power allowing you to use drives that are bus powered (powered through USB).

GoPro file transfer

Charging GoPro batteries

Other features:

  • USB port
  • SD card slot (comes with micro SD adapter)
  • Media streaming
  • Wi-Fi access point (needs existing network to work)

The Kingston mobile companion is more than just a GoPro file transfer accessory it is also a 4640 mAh portable battery.  You can charge your GoPro batteries on the go.  Although this is something I would not plan on using the Mobile companion for.  The power output is relatively low and takes quite a while to charge GoPro batteries with.  To give you an idea Kingston states that it will charge a smartphone two times.

GoPro file transfer

Kingston mobile companion with backup drive

When using external hard drives they need to be formatted for PC.  I use mainly use Mac computers myself so I had to format a drive to MS-DOS (FAT-32).  With this format you can use the drive on both PC and Mac computers.  Normal Mac format is Mac OS Extended (Journaled) which is not supported.  The Kinston Companion is a great addition to any photographers or GoPro users gear bag.

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