GoPro Hand Grip Review Best Features & Ease of Use

Best GoPro hand gripsThis post provides a quick review of 4 of the best GoPro camera grips on the market today.  The GoPro accessories market is alive and well, with several small businesses popping up and grabbing some of the multi million dollar GoPro market.  This has mainly been achievable because GoPro themselves focused on just a few accessories, leaving things like GoPro extension poles, GoPro hand grips and a few other key accessories open to fill.  Three of the companies that are the leaders in this space–GoPole, UKPro, and Sandmarc–are U.S. based companies.  GoPro has started to make a good run at taking some of this accessory business back from these companies however, with the addition of the GoPro “3-way mount” (type of extension pole) and “the handler” (hand grip).

Along with describing the features and showing what is included with each camera grip in the video, I will also show a water float test using a battery backpack attachment to demonstrate maximum possible weight.

The GoPro hand grips

The GoPro Handler

GoPro Handler grip

GoPro The Handler grip

Retail Price $29.99

GoPro has really stepped up its accessory design in the last 6-12 months with several well designed accessories, and the GoPro Handler is no exception.  As far as GoPro hand grips go, I don’t think they could have done this one much better; it’s well thought out and c constructed with quality materials.  It has a nice, soft, easy-to-hold grip that works well in both dry and wet conditions, and has an orange bottom so that when it is dropped in water and floating, the orange end is facing out of the water.  This hand grip has a lot of cool features, but for me the best part of this great GoPro hand grip is what comes with it: “The Tool;” a thumb screw wrench for tightening all standard GoPro thumb screws.

GoPole Bobber

GoPole Bobber

GoPole Bobber

Retail Price $29.99

GoPole is a leader in the GoPro accessory market and the Bobber GoPro hand grip is one of their flagship items.  Along with the original GoPole the yellow Bobber is one of GoPoles best selling and copied items.  There are cheap copies available on eBay for less than $10, and  these are  basically an item that you pay for what you get.  I personally don’t want to trust a knock-off hand grip to my $400 GoPro camera.  This latest model of the Bobber is their best yet, having a nice yellow body for great visibility, while introducing a nice rubber grip around the center tones down the all yellow body.  The GoPole Bobber GoPro hand grip comes with two bottom attachments– one screw in lanyard and one screw in carabiner, both are 1/4-20 threads.  Having this 1/4-20 thread on the bottom of the Bobber makes it very versatile, and you can easily add a longer pole attachment here, turning the Bobber into an extension pole.  To top everything off, the Bobber comes with a GoPole signature high torque thumb screw for attaching your GoPro securely to this great GoPro hand grip.


Sandmarc Carbon Grip

Sandmarc Carbon grip

Sandmarc Gear Carbon grip

Retail Price $29.99

Sandmarc adds a great GoPro hand grip to their lineup of quality accessories with the Carbon grip.  The Sandmarc Carbon grip is a versatile grip in that it has both a female 1/4-20 thread attachment on the bottom of the grip and it also has a male 1/4-20 thread on top.  Along with this versatility, its camera mount on top threads off, which can be used as a tripod attachment.  This tripod attachment is made of aluminum, making it strong but hard to tighten.  (note: I have had reports of this stripping out trying to get the camera on tight) I was also a little disappointed that they require you to tighten the lanyard down on this same camera screw; I found this quite difficult at times.  In the end, it’s a carbon fiber grip, making it a sleek looking camera accessory.

UKPro Pole 8

Retail Price $29.99

UKPro Pole 8

UKPro Pole 8 grip

UKPro Pole 8 GoPro hand grip  blends excellent UKPro quality and versatility.  This is a great hand grip to take backpacking or other places where you don’t want the bulk of a larger GoPro extension pole.  At 8″ it still gives a nice platform for taking selfies or sports action shots.  The only negatives I have found with this grip is that it is not waterproof and it does not include a thumb screw.

There you have it… 4 top GoPro hand grips, all worthwhile in their own merit, and not too many differences among any of them.  You really can’t go wrong choosing one of these grips;   Just find which will best suit your needs and get out there and catch some amazing action.

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