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Everyone loves GoPro cameras for their ability to capture amazing videos while doing some of the most extreme outdoor activities.  GoPro cameras are also great for taking GoPro time lapse photos. GoPro

Switronix Battery Eliminator

Switronix battery eliminator with USB connector.

cameras don’t have many down sides but one of them is battery power.  A standard GoPro battery only gets you 1-1/2 hours of use, for long GoPro time lapses this is no good.  Having to change out batteries every hour or so sucks and can make keeping camera in the same spot difficult.  Also if you are taking a GoPro time lapse outdoors the camera getting hot can sometimes be an issue.

GoPro time lapse made easy with the battery eliminator

Switronix Battery Eliminator GoPro

Battery eliminator with skeleton back door

So my best GoPro time lapse accessory is the battery eliminator from Switronix.  GoPro time lapse photography with the battery eliminator gives you near infinite possibility’s, if you have power your camera can be running.  It is also a relatively inexpensive solution being only $29.95 for a battery eliminator with either a 3ft cord or a 10ft cord with a USB on the end.  They are also available with a power plug for use on drones.  The GoPro time lapse battery eliminator is in my opinion the ultimate accessory for shooting time lapse with GoPro cameras.  I have used one for over a year now with great success, I have even done week long time lapses for work projects shooting 8 hours a day.  During these shoots I was able to turn the camera off at night and back on a gain in the morning using either the GoPro remote or GoPro app.  All while never even touching or moving the camera keeping exact same position the entire time.

Update note: These are currently only available for the GoPro Hero 3 3+ cameras hopefully Switronix will soon have a solution for Hero 4 cameras

Key points GoPro battery eliminator USB

  • No batteries to change out
  • Eliminates the charging cycle keeping camera cool
  • Allows for near infinite run time
  • Can still be used in GoPro case using skeleton back door

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