Memory Card Care, Best Tips For GoPro Memory Card Care

Taking good care of your memory cards is just as important as caring for your camera. A camera’s memory card is essetialy the heart of your camera and a key element to capturing great video and pictures with your GoPro or and any digital camera. Good memory card care is not something to take lightly  you can spend upwards of of $80 dollars on a single memory card.  Taking good care of them is essential to long life and optimum performance in your GoPro camera.  This does not effect you as much when you have only one card in your gear bag, but as you aqquire more and more cards you need a good place to keep your memory cards.

Memory card care with memory card holder

I have found a personal favorite in these little holders are the size of a credit and make memory card care easy.  The come in all a bunch of different colors to suite your needs.

Important: Only use GoPro recommended cards

Memory card care tips

  • Delete images & videos on your computer not in camera

Deleting images and video’s from your card while in your camera can actually shorten the life of your memory card.  To increase your memory cards life erasing all your images at once after uploading to your computer only uses one erase cycle instead of multiple cycles.  As a general rule of thumb the fewer times you add or remove data from memory card the better life you will get out of that memory card.

  • Use more than one memory card

Using more than one card is just like having more than one hard drive in your computer.  If there was a failure with your memory card you would not loose an entire trips worth of video and photos.  Example: you are going on a trip to Hawaii and thought you would buy one 64 gb card, the better idea is to buy two 32 gb cards and use both while on your trip.  You will also get more use out of two cards versus using one card all the time.

  • Don’t fill your card to its max capacity

It is not the worst thing to do to a memory card but it is a good idea to avoid recording to the max that the card will store.  There could be a write error if the camera is trying to write to the card and runs out of space.  Most likely this will just effect that last file but I don’t like to chance it.

  • Don’t remove card while camera is on

Memory card care Hero4

Remove memory card with camera off

When digital cameras were new there was a risk of a voltage shock to the memory card while being inserted and taken out.  Most camera manufactures have solved this possible problem but I still like to keep this a good safe memory card care.  You especially don’t want to remove the memory card while the camera is writing to the card.

  • Don’t run your camera battery all the way out

This is a another way to both miss great action and to have a write error is if the camera power runs out while it is writing to the memory card.  When your camera battery indicator is flashing with zero bars left, power down and change the battery.

  • Format your Sd card for each camera you use it in

Memory card care starts from the beginning that si with a good format.  It is not a good idea to use the same card for multiple cameras.  You are probably ok to use the same SD card in multiple GoPro cameras but I try to format the card every time I switch it between camera’s especially if it is a different model or firmware version.  It is also good memory card care to reformat cards ever so often just to make sure the format is good.

  • Ad contact info on your memory card

This one is not necessarily memory card care but, Lately I have seen a lot of lost GoPro camera’s on the Redit GoPro page.  Most GoPro owners would save themselves a lot of heart ache by either adding and keeping the first photo on there GoPro with contact or business card info.  Most people in the end are good people and will return your camera if found.

Good memory card care is mainly simple common sense camera care and use.  I also advise buying good quality cards to of my favorite are Sandisc and Lexar.  Saving a couple $ could and very likely will come back to hurt you by loosing photos and video’s.  Take these precautions, be smart and your memory cards will treat you well.


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