Brunton All Day 2.0 Extended GoPro battery Review

Brunton all day GoPro extended battery pack is a must have for the avid GoPro user. Especially for users aiming at shooting longer time lapse videos. The all day gives you a massive 5+ hours of recording time. Brunton has made two versions of this handy little battery pack. The first was for use with the GoPro Hero3 and 3+ cameras. More recently they released the Brunton all day 2.0 for use with Hero4 Silver and Black GoPro cameras. The original all day was not fully waterproof just water resistant (IPX-5 Rated) Brunton all day 2.0 is a fully waterproof (to 40 meters) version of this extended battery pack. (well maybe)

Brunton all day 2.0Brunton All Day

The Specs:

  • Suggested retail pricing $69.99
  • Waterproof to 40 (131 feet) meters (not the one I tested)
  • Works with Hero 3, 3+ & 4 GoPro models
  • Up to 5x battery life (I have gotten over 5 hours of recording time)
  • Charge a smartphone up to 3 times
  • Lithium Polymer 5000 mAh power
  • 4.9oz / 126g
  • Output Standard USB (5v/2.1amp)
  • Input Micro USB
Brunton All Day

Brunton All Day 2.0 with included accessories

My review of the waterproof Brunton all day 2.0 extended battery pack for GoPro Hero4 Silver & Black cameras. Is it a great pick for your GoPro gear bag if you are into shooting longer time lapses or need extended recording capability. The waterproofness is questionable at best I tested it just submerging in the sink prior to taking it in the pool and I was glad I did, it leaked. Not bad enough that it damaged the battery pack itself but not sure if I want to trust my GoPro cameras to it. So as to the 40 meters water proof not the unit I have. Maybe thats why they included multiple rubber seals for both the seal to GoPro housing itself and the output/on button compartment. I would still cal this a water resistant battery pack.

One of the other knocks I have on the all day 2.0 is how tight the rubber seal is on the GoPro housing. I broke the top clasp on one of my GoPro housings when first using it. To combat this I compress the seal by hand before attempting to close the housing clasp putting less pressure on it. Overall the Brunton All Day 2.0 is a great GoPro accessory to have mainly if you are after extended recording time like long time lapses. It does have a couple short comings but as long as you do not need it to be completely waterproof it’s fine.


  • Perfect accessory for the GoPro time lapse user
  • The Brunton all day allows for extended recording at over 5+ hours.
  • Can be used as battery/5000 mAh power pack for charging other devices like phones or other GoPro batteries.
  • The black model allows you to completely black out your camera.


  • Waterproof  seals are not very trust worthy, lets call it water resistant for now I would not recommend this for use with scuba diving or snorkeling.
  • Rear seal is very tight and can lead to breaking the clasp on your GoPro housing.
  • Adds quite a bit of weight and heft to the camera.

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Brunton All Day

Brunton All Day 2.0 blacked out together with GoPro blackout housing.


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