DIY GoPro camera dolly

I made this DIY GoPro camera dolly a few years back when I had a GoPro hero2 camera.  I really enjoy both making things and close up photography so this was right up my alley.  This was one of my first DIY GoPro projects my first was making a hand grip.  My DIY GoPro camera dolly has a couple pieces that I did machine so it is not completely “DIY”, but those parts do not need to be machined to get yourself a functioning camera dolly.  I based my design of of the Pico dolly found here at FilmTools.

Making DIY GoPro camera dolly

DIY GoPro camera dolly

DIY GoPro camera dolly

First off you will need a set of four either skateboard wheels or what I used and prefer is inline skate wheels.  Then I used a 3″ wide X 1/4″ thick X 10″ long piece of aluminum.  These specs could all be different depending on what you are wanting to do.  I ended up making three different places to mount to one center and to either end.  The axles is where I did the machining and this could be done any number of ways just anything to attach the wheels to and then attach to the middle of each end of the aluminum.  A simple camera dolly can be made any nuber of ways you don’t even need to get brand new parts.  You could easily build this all from parts that you may already have or that are easily aquired from a thrift store pawn shop.  Use your imagination and you can find the parts.  You can use your DIY GoPro camera dolly for all kinds of low angle shots either in a circle or curving motion or in a straight line.  These are fun little tools to get interesting smooth flowing shots with your GoPro camera.

DIY GoPro camera dolly with Hero2

Camera dolly with Hero2

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