A collection of  DIY GoPro projects and mounts

Making your own GoPro mounts can be an affordable way to build a wide selection of GoPro gear that is made to your exact demands.  There are many cheap and easy GoPro mounts that you can make at home on your own with products you may already have.  Some of my designs are a little more than just DIY GoPro I make a living building and fabricating manufacturing tooling and jigs.  This gives me access to a variety of tools and equipment make some of these GoPro mounts.  Feel free to copy and share any of these designs many of these DIY GoPro ideas are not unique to me.

DIY GoPro clamps

DIY GoPro clamp mounts

You can visit my YouTube page for GoPro reviews, tips video’s.  Also I have made some custom GoPro mounts for clients if you are in need of a custom DIY Gopro mount contact through here.

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Thanks, Mike