DSLR Camera Not My Go To Camera

Is the DSLR camera still a good choice for an every day adventure, get the good shot camera?  I just recently came to the realization that my DSLR camera was of little use to me anymore.  I have always enjoyed using DSLR cameras and liked the results I got while using them.  The question, “Is a DSLR camera still necessary?” is a tough one to answer.  Yes, the DSLR camera offers the most in adjustability and range of options, but when faced with the decision of lugging around a slightly better camera, or having the freedom and ease of a pocket-sized camera, I favor the simplicity of the smaller camera, despite the loss of options.  Now, I am no professional photographer,  just a guy who likes to take great pictures and video, so this works well for my needs.  My cameras of choice are the GoPro Hero 3 Black and my phone, which is currently the iPhone 5S.  With these two amazing devices, I enjoy a good variety of options in small compact packages. Each of these cameras is easily carried and can be used by anyone in the family.

Grey tabby cat

Toph the cat


Sledding fun

Sledding Fun

All three of shots are from a GoPro Hero3 Black camera.  One of the good and bad parts of the GoPro is that they shoot at extremely wide angles which can give a little more field of view distortion than desired. Sometimes it makes for great shoots like this close-up of Toph the cat. There are great apps to adjust for the distortion in post process of your pictures.


Now, do I think cameras on phones should be the only way you take pictures?…no.  Phones these days, especially the iPhone, take pretty good pictures but they are also limited in what they can do.  They lack the ability to zoom, which at times, can be a huge loss.  Phones use a digital zoom technology which is getting better, but is far from perfected.  As for the GoPro, it has no zoom at all, although I expect this to change in the near future. The zoom is probably the one feature that the DSLR camera still has over these smaller cameras but you can capture a wide variety of great shots without using a zoom.  Some other cameras that are taking the place of DSLR cameras in many photographer’s camera-of-choice are 3rd generation cameras like Sony NEX.  These cameras are also referred to as mirror-less cameras.  Trey Ratcliff of StuckinCustoms.com, a wonderful photographer and adventurer of whom I admire, has a great post on these new camera options.

feeble grind

South Jordan skate park feeble grind




What are your thoughts on the DSLR camera and it’s future?  What do you think of the smaller camera option?  Let me know how you feel with a comment below.

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