The First GoPro Accessory To Get

What is the first GoPro accessory to get? The quick answer is GoPro Shorty. Without a doubt the number one question I get as an avid GoPro user. Having owned and used GoPro cameras for over seven years now, there are not many accessories I have not tried out in some way. Most of my favorites have not always been GoPro branded accessories. The one accessory that was my “not sure what is going to be happening” I’ll take this. It was a mini tripod for a quick way to set a GoPro camera down anywhere and get the shot. GoPro Shorty is the perfect first accessory because it is very useful in many situations.

The first GoPro accessory to getfirst GoPro Accessory

Over the past several years a few companies have brought similar mini tripods to market. What is the first GoPro accessory to get? The short answer is the one you will use the most. Although not everyone’s uses are the same so this question has variables. Here are my top 4 of the ones I’ve tried out. As always with my reviews of GoPro products, these are not an “unboxing”. I use each product extensively over a minimum of three months.

GoPro Shorty

GoPro nocked it out of the park with this simple design. It is a perfect small/micro tripod for on the go and easy carry.GoPro Shorty Shorty extends almost 9″ and can also be used as selfie stick. It uses a knurled stainless bolt instead of the standard GoPro screw. this makes it very easy to slide into your pocket without getting caught on that screw. Made of fiber reinforced plastic making it extremely lightweight. With all kinds of basic filming uses Shorty is my pick for the first GoPro accessory to get.

GoPole Base

GoPole BaseThe GoPole Base was my favorite and go to accessory for almost two years. Its small size is key you can easily fit it in a jacket or even a pants pocket. Having both a GoPro three prong attachment method and a 1/4″-20 style mount. You just turn the three legs over to use each of these style mounting points. Retails for about $24.99.

PolarPro Tripler

After having such great success with it I continued looking at micro tripod style accessories. PolarPro makes amazing gear for all aspects of GoPro cameras from mounts to lens filters. This is why when they introduced their Tripler (tripod, grip, pole) I was super excited to use it. Although it is feature packed its size is quite big. Great accessory for what it does and I do like it a lot but, when I like using a micro tripod I want it to fit in my pocket with ease. Due to its size, this is not ideal. Retails for about $49.99 making the most expensive of the 4.

SP Gadgets POV Tripod Grip

Just a little smaller than the PolarPro Tripler, but a lot more manageable for light adventures. It has a ball like top allowing it to swivel and then lock in the position needed. Also has a nice rubbery grip both for gripping on where you place it and handling it.


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