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A quick review of the iPhone 4S

I just recently made a long awaited upgraded from my iPhone 3GS to the new iPhone 4S. So far I am extremely happy with all of it’s functions especially the new iPhone 4s camera. Thought I would share some of my first thoughts on using it in week 1. Although I have not used Siri very much yet it did not recognize my wife’s name unless I said her last name as well. For example I had to say new text to Jane Doe and not text Jane. I do understand it does this from contacts it just sounds weird talking to my phone I think that alone will take some getting used to. The photo taking ability is one of the things I have also really liked better on iPhone 4S. Bellow is a sample iPhone 4s photo from it’s new 8mp camera that I took using the new HDR mode I have also added an antique look to the photo.

little girl doll

Overall it for me is a huge upgrade from my former 3GS iPhone making me say that the iPhone 4S a great addition to the Apple iPhone progression. If you have comments or things to add about your experience with any iPhone model please let us know with a comment bellow.

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