GoPole Base A Micro Tripod For your GoPro

GoPole Base GoPro accessory

I have tried all kinds of GoPro accessories over the last few years very few of them I find myself using as I do the GoPole Base.  This is probably one of my most used GoPro accessories, because it’s small light weight and easy to carry everywhere.  As one of the original GoPro accessory companies GoPole has a name that is now a word for describing what is a extension pole or selfie stick specifically made for use with GoPro cameras.  GoPole has no affiliation with GoPro or Woodman Labs.  They make all kinds of different accessories to help you use, protect and mount your GoPro camera better.

GoPole Base



GoPole Base with frame mount

GoPole base is a micro tripod for use with GoPro cameras.  The Base an incredibly useful micro tripod for your GoPro camera. Base can be used as a hand grip, tripod or a stand for your extension pole.  The GoPole base has a suggested retail of $39.95 but it seems to average around $34.95 making it a little steep for it’s size but it makes up for that in the usefulness of this little GoPro accessory.  The GoPole Base can

GoPole Base with Bobber

GoPole Base with Bobber

be used in two distinctly  different ways.  One your GoPro camera can be mounted directly on it, two it can be used to add a “base” to your GoPole or extension pole turning it into a tripod.  I have another way that I use it a lot as, a hand grip or just an easy less conspicuous way to hold your GoPro.  I mainly use it with my GoPro in the frame mount making it really low profile, with this setup it fits easily in a jacket pocket.  The GoPole Base is very well made out of a sturdy plastic with rubber feet.  Having a standard GoPro style mount on one side and a standard camera tripod style 1/4-20 mount on the other.  If you are looking for a perfect all around accessory or gift for a GoPro user the GoPole Base would be a top pick.

If you are looking to pick one up here is a link to Amazon that helps me out, thanks.

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