GoPro BacPac Extension Cable Video

GoPro recently introduced an accessory called the BacPac Extension Cable.  It is basically an extension for both the Battery BacPac and the LCD Touch BacPac from GoPro.  GoPro BacPac Extension Cable allows for control of the camera remotely with an LCD Touch BacPac, change out a new Battery BacPac without un-mounting your GoPro camera.  This is ideal in time lapse situations when you don’t want to change or move the cameras mounting position.  At a suggested retail $39.99 the GoPro BacPac Extension Cable is a little steep for just a cable.  I am A fan of GoPro design and craftsmanship in all it’s products, but this one I think should be about half the price.  Non the less it is a nice accessory to have, hope there will be some good aftermarket copy’s that offer this type of product.

A modification for the GoPro BacPac Extension Cable

GoPro only says the BacPac Extension Cable can only be used with a frame housing.   So after got a hold of one of these cables I wondered if you could modify the rear door of a waterproof housing for use with it?  Yes you can with a little grinding modification.  All you need to do is cut a notch out of a back door of a standard housing or grind a little away from a skeleton housing back door.  Just put your GoPro in the case you want to modify and mark the area to be removed with a sharpie or marker.  I personally used a mill to carefully cut this notch in the back door.  This could also be done with a Dremel tool or small die grinder.  I tried to make it as tight of a fit as possible for use in dusty situations or maybe even water by applying silicone around it.

GoPro BacPac Extension Cable

Tight fit on extension cable

GoPro BacPac Extension cable

Housing with cable installed

modified GoPro backdoor

Milled out backdoor

GoPro BacPac Extension Cable

GoPro BacPac Extension Cable

GoPro BacPac Extension Cable door mod

Milling out backdoor on the mill

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