GoPro Drones A Perfect Fit


GoPro’s Nick Woodman while at Code Conference May 26-28 in Rancho Palos Verde, California revealed what was rumored that GoPro drones were in the works.  The GoPro CEO described drones as the ultimate accessory for action cameras.   With just about every consumer drone you see flying around the sky these days having a GoPro camera attached to it this is a good move for GoPro.  I think GoPro drones aligns much better than GoPro being a “media company”.  Being an avid GoPro gear enthusiast I believe GoPro makes the best accessories for their cameras and GoPro drones while a bigger accessory it just fits with what they do.  From the plastic they use to the design GoPro drones I anticipate will be very well designed and tough as nails.

GoPro Drones Expanding the EmpireGoPro Drones

DJI one of the leading drone makers with it’s “Fantom” model of drone used to mainly GoPro cameras now has it’s own propriety camera.  The GoPro drone will just be the opposite of this move by DJI.  If GoPro drones can be just as easy as current drones to fly I think GoPro will have it’s next hit, the GoPro drone is planned to be released in the first half of 2016.

GoPro also filled us in on why they had recently purchased Savoie, France based virtual reality company Kolor’s software lets users to stitch together multiple photographs or videos to make 360-degree panoramas and videos, that is called “spherical content”.  Here is a link to one of the mounts pictured with Mr. Woodman.  This allows viewers to control what angle of a video they see, again another great fit for GoPro.  GoPro drones and spherical content both emerging markets that are in perfect alignment with GoPro moving forward.  As GoPro expands the empire it looks like they are making good decisions, I personally look forward to seeing the incredible products that GoPro brings to these two growing markets.

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