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GoPro fetch mount

My dog wearing fetch mount

GoPro finally has the whole family covered; first it was the Chesty, then came the Jr. Chesty, and now we have GoPro Fetch.  The family dog can now be a part of the GoPro action, capturing priceless moments like never before.  The GoPro Fetch is, like most GoPro accessories, well thought out and well built.  I would not say it is perfect, but it does do what it is supposed to do.  I have some very easy going dogs, which allows me to attach this to them without much bother.  I can’t say it will be easy to get on all dogs, and once it is on, there will inevitably be dogs who won’t like having it strapped to them. The device is designed with the comfort of the pet in mind however.  The nicely padded areas and soft lycra straps make the GoPro Fetch comfortable  for your dog, or any other quadruped for that matter!  The Fetch comes in one size and is adjustable to fit small, medium and large breed dogs. Smaller dogs may need to remove the front chest plate on the GoPro Fetch for a better fit.  The GoPro Fetch dog mount harness is fully machine washable, so at the end of the day, just toss your GoPro Fetch in the washer.  Some people have commented that the price of $59.99 seems too high, and yes, it may be a little high, but compared to other harnesses on the market it is reasonable.  As many dog owners do, I regard my dogs as members of my family, and thus, despite the device having some imperfections, and the price perhaps being a bit high, having the ability to see the world from my dog’s viewpoint is absolutely priceless.  Who knew the day would come when man’s best friend would join man (and woman) in capturing amazing GoPro moments.


  • Great design
  • Comfortable for the dogs
  • Capture great moments through your dogs view
  • Washing machine safe


  • Straps can slip
  • Price $59.99

GoPro Fetch Final Thoughts

The GoPro Fetch is a fun accessory to have, giving you the ability to capture the world the way your K9 companions do, as they experience life’s adventures along with you.  It is great to see GoPro expanding past the extreme sports market; this is yet another of many ways to use these amazing cameras.  GoPro Fetch is a winner for me.

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