GoPro Hero4 Session Is This a Game Changer?

GoPro has just introduced their smallest GoPro yet in the form of a cube called Hero4 Session.  In the past two GoPro iterations we have seen incredible jumps in technology like 4k video at 30fps.  Some of the other big technology jumps were wifi, Protune, 30 photos in 1 second burst mode and many other incredible firsts in the action camera world.  Hero4 Session is a huge leap in the form factor or size.  Measuring half the size of previous GoPro models and 40% the weight the Hero4 Session is a huge deal.  It is hard to predict but I would imagine this will be the new size of all new GoPro models including the flagship Hero4 Black.  Back in March Forbes featured an article pointing at a new patent issued to GoPro highlighting a square or cubed housing.  Hero4 Session although it lacks 4k its still boasts 1440p 30fps and 1080p 60fps for capturing incredible slow motion shots.   Featuring just has one main button and a smaller wifi button making the Hero4 Session a bit more complicated to adjust and use.  This camera is a simple capture device, no LCD screen, and non removable battery.  This allows for even tighter places that this model camera can be used.  It is waterproof without a housing only requiring a slim frame to mount it I would suspect this is why the battery is not removable.

new GoPro patent

New GoPro patent

Hero4 Session Specs/Features

Hero4 Session

Hero4 Session

  • 1440 @ 30fps
  • 1080 @ 30fps, 60fps
  • 720 @ 100fps
  • 8MP Photo with 10/1 burst mode
  • Protune for video
  • Support for up to 64gb micro sd

Yes some would say this cube shape has already been done by both the Polaroid Cube and SJCam M-10.  Those are cube shaped cameras true but combined with the power and design genius of GoPro I think this Hero4 Session is most definitely going to soon be the cube shaped camera world will see as a GoPro.  Here are my reasons for saying this Polaroid makes an “ok” camera with it’s cube, but thats all just ok.  There are not many accessories to mount it and use it in different ways.  To me what makes GoPro cameras so good is everything around it that enables you to use it well.  Was GoPro the first to make a cube shaped camera? No. Will GoPro be the first company to make a cube camera work amazing? Yes. GoPro makes cameras that do everything an action camera can do really good, other manufactures make just a couple nice features but sacrifice on others.  This is why I believe Hero4 Session is a game changer.

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