GoPro Karma Most Anticipated Drone Launch Ever

GoPro Karma

GoPro Karma the name of the industry leading camera makers new drone to be released in early 2016.  In fact I have talked to someone in the industry who said an April launch for the GoPro Karma is likely. This is probably one of the most anticipated drone launches ever. GoPro investors are hoping the GoPro Karma drone is a hero just like all of it’s amazing capture devices (camera’s) are.  The GoPro stock has been in a tail spin for months now after topping out in October of 2014.

GoPro released a teaser filmed with it’s new Karma drone here.  GoPro has been making not only great cameras but their accessories are top of the line, with well thought out design coupled with high end materials make GoPro accessories top notch, GoPro Karma should be just the same.  Some would say GoPro accessories are expensive and indeed they are, but you get what you pay for.  If you want to trust cheap plastics to hold your $500 dollar GoPro thats your choice, I do not and advise it.

GoPro Karma

I look forward to seeing what GoPro brings into this emerging world of drones with the GoPro Karma.  In it’s teaser video I highlight was put on the fact that the footage shown was not stabilized in post production at all.  I would imagine GoPro putting a huge emphasis emphasis on aerial photography and videography. I also look to see a Hero4 session form factor camera with Hero4 black like specs to go with an amazing aerial filming system.  Keeping the camera small and light is key with drones.  The bigger the camera is the bigger the drone must be to carry it.  They are describing the Karma as a ultra portable, foldable drone.  GoPro needs to keep the price on this drone in reach of the masses to sell millions of them. I would think they need to be under $2000  for this drone possibly less in the $1500 dollar range.

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