GoPro Recommended Memory Cards for HERO5 Cameras

What is a great accessory for my new GoPro camera? Having the correct GoPro recommended memory card. After making the decision to finally get that GoPro you wanted. Don’t get cheap on getting a good memory card for your new GoPro. I can promise this will cost you at some point. So many new GoPro users do not heed this advice and and end up with problem after problem. Having the wrong memory card in a GoPro causes numerous camera errors. Some users think i’m not going to shoot in 4K so i don’t need a high speed card. Most often it’s not a speed thing rather just a compatibility issue. Sticking to they GoPro recommended list is your best bet for a good GoPro experience.

GoPro recommended memory

GoPro recommended memory cards

Sandisk Extreme Plus & Lexar 633x 64gb cards

GoPro currently has only three different manufactures on their GoPro recommended memory cards list. These company’s include Samsung, Lexar and Sandisk. There are size ranges from 16gb to 128gb cards on that list. Memory cards that I personally have had the best success with are the Lexar 633X cards in both 64gb and 128gb sizes. Another card that is not on the list that I did have for over two years was a Samsung 64gb card from a series that was not listed. This does not mean that all cards not on this recommended list will work though. So again this is why I always buy from the GoPro recommended memory card list.

What to look for

  • Write speed of at least 60 Mbps (megabits/second)
  • Stick to 32gb & 64gb cards
  • UHS speed class 1 or higher

Don’t give yourself an unneeded head ache spend the extra money to get a good card. Why buy a great camera only to put an inferior memory card in it. For memory card care check out this post here.
GoPro recommended memory cards

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