GoPro Seeker Backpack

GoPro Seeker with 3-WayGoPro Seeker top camera compartment



GoPro Seeker backpack

The GoPro Seeker backpack, a quick look at GoPro’s camera backpack. If you are an avid GoPro user with multiple GoPro cameras this may be the backpack for you. The GoPro Seeker backpack is your ultimate pack for outdoor adventure seeking GoPro user. With it’s 16L of storage space you will have plenty of room to take all your GoPro accessories and some personal gear. One of my favorite features is the top camera compartment that has room for up to five GoPro cameras. Although this pocket can be configured any way with variable velcro dividers. The Seeker has plenty of storage for all your GoPro cameras, gimbals, and numerous mounts. The GoPro Seeker backpack will have your GoPro cameras and accessories well protected, even having a side pocket to accommodate a GoPro 3-way (not included with the Seeker backpack) or any other pole style mount enabling you to capture over the shoulder POV shoots. Another nice feature of this backpack has is a built in or integrated chest mount (as seen in pictures below) on the front straps. This feature is sure to make the GoPro Seeker especially appeal to extreme athletes like skiers, mountain bikers, and snowboarders. The GoPro Seeker backpack also has a hydration bladder pocket (bladder not included) it says it is a 2 liter size I have a Osprey packs 3L bladder thats fits fine just not completely filled with water. As for the pricing at $169.99 it’s a little pricey, but this pricing is reflected in the quality of this really nice backpack. If you are packing two or more GoPro cameras with accessories I don’t think the price of keeping that gear safe is out of line. Will there most likely be a Chinese knock off on Amazon for a fraction of the price within weeks of the GoPro Seeker release? Yes.  That is fine, if you look at the pricing on quality camera gear (like F-Stop Gear) this is a steal for what you are getting in my mind.

The GoPro Casey is a perfect example of this. The Casey is $50, can you get a small GoPro case for much cheaper? Yes.  GoPro makes quality cameras & camera gear. I know some people may not think this and that is fine not everything is as good as another, but overall GoPro tries an does produce good equipment. My opinion is take care of your gear and you will have it for a long time.

Let me know what you think of the GoPro Seeker with a comment bellow. Thanks,

GoPro Seeker backpack

Front soft lined pocket

GoPro Seeker backpack

Back of GoPro Seeker

GoPro Seeker pack

Shown with iPad mini in inside padded pocket









  • GoPro Seeker Backpack Highlights

  • Constructed from water-resistant light weight material
  • 2 pockets front & top camera pocket have water resistant zippers
  • 16 liter of storage space accommodates GoPro equipment and accessories
  • Room for up to a 15 MacBook Pro (was tight but it fit)
  • soft padded pockets for iPad/tablet or other electronics
  • Integrated GoPro Chesty Mount
  • Flat GoPro clip style mount on the shoulder strap
  • Side compartment made for use with 3-way mount to capture over the shoulder POV
  • Dimensions: 19″x 9.5″x 5″ (48.26cm x 24.13cm x 12.7cm)
  • 2L hydration bladder pocket (will accommodate a 3L bladder just not filled completely)
GoPro Seeker rucksack

Seeker with Chesty attached

GoPro Seeker water resistant

Seeker top water resistant camera compartment

GoPro Seeker top

Inside top camera compartment

GoPro Seeker Hydration

GoPro Seeker Hydration pocket



GoPro Seeker Hydration

Seeker Hydration with Osprey 3L bladder

GoPro Seeker Chesty

Included Chesty mount

GoPro Seeker backpack

Seeker with 15″ MacBook Pro inside

GoPro Seeker side view

Seeker with 3-Way mount


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