GoPro Thumb screw Wrench a must have accessory

Having some sort of GoPro thumb screw wrench has become for me one accessory that is a must have.  GoPro Thumb screw Wrench to me is now a must have accessory for every GoPro users gear bag.  Tight pivot arms enable no camera movement so you wont miss any great shots. There are several different options out now days, some better than others.

GoPro thumb screw wrench 4 different options

GoPro The Tool  is not unlike a lot of the other GoPro accessories well designed and thought out.  It even has a bottle opener integrated into the opposite end.  It comes bundled together with one of GoPro’s other great accessories the handler or can be purchased separately for only $4.99 cheap stay tight insurance if you ask me.  GoPro thumb screw wrench

GoBudi Another company that makes a good GoPro thumb screw wrench.  GoBudi sells their GoPro thumb screw wrench in a bundle also with five long GoPro thumb screws for $9.99.  The GoBudi wrench is just a small plastic wrench that fits over the thumb screw giving you more leverage.

Smatree is probably better known for their GoPro batteries of which are very good and a great deal.  This GoPro thumb screw wrench has been made out of aluminum and works on both GoPro thumb screws and aftermarket aluminum style thumb screws. These are $7.99 by itself or $14.99 in a bundle with some fancy aluminum thumb screws.

EEEkit GoPro thumb screw wrench is also made of plastic making it nice and light to carry in your pocket.  These can be found at for only $5.00.  This wrench, The tool, and the GoBudi all have a feature that I really like in that it can’t slide past the end of the thumb screw.  With the Smatree wrench you have to hold it at the largest part of the thumb screw for it to work not a huge deal just a difference I found in using these four wrenches for the last few months.




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