GoPro UTV Mounting – Desert Action Johnson Valley, CA

In my recent trip to the King of the Hammers event in Johnson Valley California our main transportation around the desert was in UTV’s.  Since i am GoPro fan we got quite a bit of footage of us driving around the desert getting some great

GoPro UTV mounting

GoPro handle bar/seat post mount “front view”

GoPro UTV action. GoPro UTV Mounting mainly using the GoPro roll bar mount and a couple spots were small enough to use the seat post/bike mount.

GoPro UTV mounting

GoPro UTV mounting “middle forward” mount.

GoPro UTV Mounting Tips:

One of the keys to getting good footage with GoPro UTV mounting is to make your camera mounted without having it move while driving over rough terrain. To achieve this it is best to use a wrench to keep all the GoPro thumb screws tight.  GoPro has a solution called “the Tool” it works great for keeping those thumb screws tight.  Another key tip is keeping the lens clean and free of dust from out on the trails.  To prevent having dusty footage keep an eye on your GoPro cameras and wiping them clean often will ensure clean shots.  Also a simple thing i have found to save power and enhance battery life is to turn cameras off when stopped or cover them up so they aren’t

GoPro UTV mounting driver view

GoPro UTV mount driver view

sitting in the hot sun.  Hot cameras will loose both battery power and shut off automatically (missing good action) due to over heating.  GoPro’s and UTV’s are a great combo, the UTV’s make for a great filming platform.  I have found that mounting cameras in the middle or as close to the middle as I can on both UTV’s and cars gets you the best stable footage.  Helmet mounted shots are also good just be aware that the camera is mounted on your helmet, I tend to forget and get a lot of unusable unusable footage.  In the end I would say for best results try a lot of different GoPro UTV mounting locations this gets you a variety of angles and editing options.  Get out, have fun, and be safe.

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