Here is an updated specs list with video modes of the most recent high end camera from GoPro the (click the link for full spec sheet) Hero4 black and the (click the link for full spec sheet) Hero4 Silver with the most impresive specs being that you can now shoot 4K video at 30 frames per second.  This quite amazing on a camera costing less than $500.  Often finding the best GoPro video modes for you just requires getting out and shooting some video to get used to what works for you.  I hope these lists help you find the GoPro video mode for you, visit my contact form if you have any questions.

Thanks, Mike J Adams

GoPro Hero4 Black Video Modes

Hero4 Black Video Modes

GoPro Hero4 Silver Video Modes

Hero4 Silver Video Modes

Here is a list of all the GoPro video modes for the HERO3+ cameras.  I have also made a list of what GoPro video modes I generally use that have worked best for me, this is in no way what you have to use it is just a suggestion based on my experience with using the GoPro HERO3+ cameras.  If you have any ideas you would like to share and or add to from experiences you are welcome to submit them on the contact page I welcome all GoPro wisdom.

My go to video mode: 1080 60 Note: If you are shooting a video that you don’t want to look like it was shot on a GoPro use 720 120 narrow this looks close to a 50mm DSLR footage.  Also when indoors or in low light situations try using lower frame rates this allows the camera to let in more light.

My go to photo: 12mp 

GoPro Video Modes Hero3+ Black

GoPro Video Modes


GoPro HERO4 Black recording times 

These are GoPro stated recording times these are often in absolute ideal conditions.  It is a good idea to take at least 20% off of these times as for me they are not real world.  GoPro camera battery-life has always been not one of the star features of these amazing cameras.  Investing in extra batteries and or battery backpack is a good idea for extended recording.  For even longer recording like time lapses over 4+ hours using a battery eliminator is what I suggest using.  What this does is it takes out the battery all together which eliminates the charging cycle that creates heat.  Yes you can use your GoPro just plugged into through the USB port most of the time this does just fine, but there are some times when the camera will overheat and shut off automatically.