Hero4 Memory Card What’s the Best Pick for Your GoPro

You have made the decision to get a new GoPro Hero4 camera great, the one piece of hardware you need to start capturing epic shots is the correct Hero4 memory card to maximize your new GoPro’s capability’s.  Having the right Hero4 memory card in your GoPro Hero4 Silver and Black camera is key to capturing the best footage.  The GoPro Hero4 Black is capable of shooting 4K video at 30 FPS (frames per second) to record at these higher resolutions the camera has write data at higher bit rates than any other GoPro camera ever made.  The GoPro Hero4 black records booth 4k and 2.7k modes at 60 mbps.  There are a few other modes that also use this higher bit rate 1080 90 & 120 and 720 240 FPS.  For the GoPro Hero4 Silver & Black cameras I (and GoPro) recommend booth the Lexar 633x and the Sandisc Extreme for optimum Hero4 memory card performance.

Hero4 Memory Cards

Hero4 Memory Cards

Hero4 Memory Card

Lexar 633X  Specs: microSDHC/microSDXC UHS-1 card speed rated at a class 10 95MB/s read speed

Although Lexar does not not an exact write speed (from tests around the internet people are getting 40-44 MB/s) for this card just listing it at less than the read speed this card works perfectly when recording 4k with protune on.

Sandisc Extreme Specs: microSDHC/microSDXC UHS-3 60MB/s read & 40MB/s write speeds

This card works great when using a Hero4 shooting in 4k with Protune on.

Yes this may add another $50-$75 to the cost of your GoPro purchase but if you don’t not have a card the complements the performance of the camera those settings are useless.  Some say well I may not be shooting in 4k yes that is understandable.  I don’t either but, every time I have tried out a cheap “discount” cards in any of my GoPro cameras I have had some sort of problem.  Whether it is a corrupted file, incomplete file or just a failure to record and the camera just stops recording.  No one wants this right in the middle of an epic moment on that once in a lifetime cruise or vacation.  Get a GOOD Hero4 memory card!

Bellow are Amazon links to both of these cards.

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