Launching GoPro Karma by Hand


If you take your drone on adventures you will soon need to learn this tip. Hand launching GoPro Karma. After flying the Karma for almost a year now I need to launch or take off and land on uneven surfaces. If you have flown DJI drones you are aware launching and catching them is fairly easy. They have a much different landing gear design, with fixed landing gear to grab onto. GoPro Karma is slightly different but just as easy once you know what to do.Launching GoPro Karma

Launching GoPro Karma

  1. Hold GoPro Karma in the middle of the rear. With your thumb on top and fingers under the battery in the rear.
  2. Keeping Karma out away from your body press the start button.
  3. Once you see and feel the motors power up release GoPro Karma.


Catching or landing Karma is just as easy. The one thing you do have to be aware of is that the landing gear isn’t rigid like a DJI Phantom is. The problem with this is that the drone will sometimes power down motors at different times. This causes the drone to twist in your hand, hold on tight. Very similar to launching GoPro Karma you will put your thumb on the landing gear fingers under the belly. Once you have a good grasp of Karma move it towards the ground, this will tell it to shut down the motors. Hold the drone tight until all motors have stopped.

You may not always find yourself in an area that is suitable for a ground takeoff or landing. I often have my dog with me who loves to try and get my drone. This was my main reason for launching GoPro Karma in different ways. Launching GoPro Karma by hand is very easy and safe to do. Following the steps in the video above gives an example of both launching GoPro Karma and catching or landing the drone. Remember to always follow FAA guidelines and fly safely.

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