Making A GoPro Dog Ball, Capture Ball POV

Put your GoPro in a dog ball. Are you both a dog lover and an avid GoPro user? If so I have a fun little GoPro DIY for you and your dog to enjoy. Making a GoPro dog ball to get some interesting shots from the ball’s point of view. I love my German Shepard dog Mae and I spend a ton of time with her. GoPro changed thing up with the addition of the Hero4 Session camera. Taking their traditional shape GoPro camera and morphing it into a cube shape. Doing this made it smaller enabling it go in even more crazy places than a GoPro camera had ever gone before. One day playing fetch with my dog Mae looking at the ball I thought I could put a GoPro inside that. So I set out to do just that.

Making a GoPro Dog Ball

Whats needed:

  • Tennis ball or I used was a .99 cent ball from Petco either works just fine.
  • razor knife to cut the hole *
  • Sharpie pen or similar felt tip pen
  • GoPro Hero4 Session camera

*(Please if you are under 18 years old have your parents help you with this. Razor knifes are extremely dangerous if not used properly. USE EXTREME CAUTION while cutting the ball)

  1. Get your soon to be GoPro dog ball and your Session camera.
  2. With the Sharpie pen make lines where you will be cutting the hole. Do not cut the hole the exact size of the GoPro Session. You want it to be just a bit smaller so that the camera fits very tight.
  3. Next cut the hole *
  4. Before putting the camera inside the ball turn on the WiFi functionality as you will not be able to push the shutter button once it is inside the GoPro dog ball.
  5. Install camera and have some fun capturing some unique shots.
  6. Have fun.

Here is a video of the build process.


Some of you may be saying won’t this ruin my GoPro? Yes this is not the safest thing for your camera, I agree. Don’t throw the ball on concrete or ruff surfaces. I have used this only on grass. Will the dog damage the GoPro by biting the ball? This is possible, use discretion if your dog chops on the dog ball hard or is a really big this may not be good for you. Can you make an entire video with just the dog ball? No. GoPro video is best with short clips displaying a specific action or sport. Use this GoPro dog ball to get a couple “different” views while playing with your best friend. Most of all have fun.

Leave a comment bellow or share your experience.

Thanks, Mike

Step by step pictures

GoPro Dog Ball








GoPro dog ball






GoPro dog ball






GoPro dog ball







GoPro dog ball






GoPro dog ball






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