Motocross Mullet


Motocross mullet

I recently attended the Super Cross event held here in Salt Lake City, Utah were I saw quite a few mullets. There were more mullets here in one place than I had seen in a long time, mainly the motocross mullet. This fine motocross mullet pictured above was my favorite of the day and is absolutely stunning don’t you agree? I mean look at it isn’t it just amazing that thing is the definition of “mullet”. The only thing that could have made this mullet better would be a stiff wind blowing it. I am so inspired by it on this site I am going to feature a monthly mullet photo. Shouldn’t every photo blog have a mullet section on it? I think so.

If you have any good mullet photo’s send them in to me and I will put them up (contact page) or link to them with a comment.

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