Polar Pro Polarizer filter Review

The Polar Pro polarizer filter for GoPro HERO3+ housings a quick review.  The Polar Pro polarizer filter is great if not mandatory for shooting with your GoPro camera in full sun. I found that the Polar Pro polarizer filter really cut down on glare and sharpened up clouds and the skyline.  It also brings out blues in the sky and a deeper saturation in all colors.  Other key things the Polar Pro polarizer will help with is shinny objects like water, car shine, window shine and most all snow sports.  Overall I can’t say to many bad things about the polar Pro polarizing filter it does exactly what Polar Pro says it will do.  This polar Pro polarizing filter definitely ranks as one of my top 5 GoPro accessories to always have with me when using a GoPro camera.PolarPro polarizing filter

One of the downsides is that it is not a water tight seal on the GoPro case. The way I found this out is not necessarily Polar Pro’s fault.  If you are an avid GoPro HERO3 user you know that heat is a problem with the GoPro cameras.  While on a recent trip to Moab, Utah out on the trail doing some filming my cameras were getting hot so I would put them in the cooler to keep them cool.  This does help but with the Polar Pro polarizer filter on one camera got into a part of the cooler with water thus I found out the filters do not make a water tight seal.  Which was a problem out on the trail getting it dried out so I did not have water droplets in my shots and condensation in between.  I can’t fault Polar Pro to much for the filter not being water tight it is was not designed to be it just would be nice if there was a rubber seal on the inside were it attaches.


(Photos taken using a GoPro hero 3 black in the blackout 3+ case)

The photo on the left showing without Polar Pro polarizer filter note clouds are one big white area blended with the sun.  Photo on the right showing much better cloud definition with a sun flair and much better colors in the trees and grasses.

PolarPro polarizing comparison

This video was entirely filmed using the Polar Pro polarizer filter.

Polar Pro polarizer filter THE GOODS

  • Helps to reduce glare from shinny objects like water, car & window shine, snow sports
  • Brings out blue sky in over cast conditions cloud definition
  • Deeper saturation in colors
  • Prevents overexposure
  • Easily snaps on & off for changing conditions

Polar Pro polarizer filter THE BADS

  • Does not make a water tight seal when attached to a GoPro housing.PolarPro filter water in filter



In the end if you are looking to take better videos and pictures with your GoPro camera Polar Pro filters are an easy snap on no brainer.

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