Summer Pool Time Fun – Using or Editing Your GoPro Footage

I have to admit I tend to shoot a lot of footage with my GoPro cameras without creating a video with that footage in a timely manor.  I have been trying to change this for two reasons.  First off if you edit soon after you shoot its easier to remember where certain points or moments are.  Video’s are like short movies they usually are telling a story, when you get to editing

GoPro footage

Editing with GoPro studio

a video soon after it was shot you are more likely to easily put that story together.  The second big reason to get footage edited quickly is to share and document those memories.  More often then not you will not edit up a video or even a vacation video several months after.  You may not even make that video at all, I didn’t.  I would just fill hard drives up with great GoPro footage and never get around to making a video from it.  Here is a video that I made from a recent trip to visit family in California.

I am always trying to learn more about editing and making video’s so I welcome all comments and critiques on this video or any of my work.  This video was edited using GoPro studio, it is a free software from GoPro and it does a pretty good job for me.  I have herd a lot of more advanced users say it is not for them, but it works just fine.  It’s available for both Mac and PC users.  I am imagining GoPro making it easier in the future to compile and edit footage quicker right from the camera or camera app.  Get out and capture some great moments.  Follow it up with editing that GoPro footage soon after it’s made.  You will create better video’s while building a library of video’s instead of just hard drives full of footage.

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