Top 5 GoPro Accessories

The top 5 GoPro accessories that every avid GoPro user needs.  If these five accessories are in your bag you will be set to get any shot that comes your way.


Don’t get me wrong, GoPro cameras take great photos and video, but as with all cameras– video and photo alike –having the correct filter for a specific application separates good photos and video from great ones.  Whether taking photo and video under water, in bright sun, under low light, when overcast, or close-up, having the right filter makes for professional looking work. One of the best companies that makes filters for use on GoPro cameras is Buy PolarPro -you can’t go wrong with these filters.

PolarPro polarizing filter

Battery backpack & extra batteries

GoPro battery backpack

There are not many things that GoPro hasn’t succeeded with in building great cameras. In keeping the cameras small, a key feature has been sacrificed however– battery power and consumption.  Because of this, adding a battery backpack to your top GoPro accessories is a must if you are shooting where you are not in the position to change batteries often.  Having a battery backpack and extra batteries is a must for serious GoPro users. Buy GoPro battery backpack

Goal Zero guide 10 battery pack

Also, for longer shooting or for time lapses, having an external battery is another great tool; one of my favorites is Goal Zero’s guide 10 battery pack with the Nomad 7 solar panel. This unit is great for both directly charging your GoPro camera, or even having it charge spare batteries somewhere as convenient as your pocket! Buy GoalZero Nomad 10

Extended reach pole

GoPole reach

GoPole Reach

Having the ability to get POV shots of yourself, to getting closer to subjects such as snowboarders, are just a few of the benefits of having an extended reach or telescoping pole mount in your gear bag.  GoPole is just one of the companies out on the GoPro accessory market that makes extended reach devices for GoPro cameras, both in a fixed size, or a size that ranges from 17″ – to 40″ for getting that perfect shot.  The extended reach pole is most definitely a top 5 GoPro accessory.  Buy GoPole Reach

Suction cup mount

Yes, this is a simple accessory but sometimes the simplest thing is all you need to get the shot.  The suction cup mount works great for car shots, both inside and out.  It’s also convenient and functional as a stand, using it to get the perfect angle on your shot. Buy GoPro suction mount

GoPro suction cup mount

GoPro app









Yes, I know this may not be the most obvious accessory, but since the GoPro app launch (available for iOS & Android) with the wifi being built in on HERO3 camera series, this has been one of the biggest game changers for the GoPro user. It allows the ability to adjust all settings within the camera, and to view and upload both pictures and video directly to your smartphone.  Those two features alone made the GoPro a full featured tool for both shooting video and pictures.  It does come with a few drawbacks, with the biggest being that your GoPro’s battery will drain much faster due to the use of wifi technology.  All In all, this app has been a game changer for the way GoPro can be used, and that’s why it completes my list of top 5 GoPro accessories.

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These are my top 5 GoPro accessories and must haves in my arsenal of GoPro gear.  What are yours?

If you have some others to add, leave a comment below.

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