Using GoPro Night Mode

GoPro night mode

GoPro action cameras are the top pick if you are wanting to capture some amazing video’s of skydiving, snowboarding, skiing, throwing your baby in the air (your wife might not like that last one but it’s been done) or just about anything.  A growing number of people including me are really enjoying the photo capability of these little cameras.  Now I know a GoPro is not the ideal camera for every situation they have a very wide angle (170 degrees) and you need to be close to the subject.  These cameras can capture some amazing shoots that a regular DSLR camera can’t.  With the release of the Hero4 Silver & Black models a GoPro Night Mode has been added giving you control over the shutter or exposure time.  You don’t need to fear if you are not a photography geek, the GoPro Night Mode is relatively easy to use.

Getting Started with GoPro Night Mode

There are two main Keys that you need to keep in mind when shooting in GoPro Night Mode. First is that you will need a tripod or stable place to mount the camera on.  Second is using the GoPro app or remote to control your GoPro.  When shooting long exposures or in GoPro Night Mode once the shutter is open you do not want the camera to move at all.  GoPro night mode on Hero4 cameras have exposure settings ranging from auto to 30 seconds.  I always like to take at least one photo in auto just to see how it looks.  Surprisingly the GoPro Night Mode in auto is usually right on and it gives you a really great shot.  Shooting in GoPro night mode takes practice so I suggest trying it whenever you have a chance, the more you use it the better your photos will get.  For more on GoPro night mode check out this article.

GoPro night mode

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